The Art Of BBQ Grilling

In the world of cooking, one art rises above the rest. This is of course, the art of BBQ grilling. Some would even call it a science rather than an art. No matter what stance someone takes, it is a careful process combining ingredients, methods, and secret recipes that delight millions of people each and every year.

For truly amazing BBQ, each and every step is equally important. From selecting the right meat to choosing the right fuel, each decision affects the taste, smell, and feel of the final product. For this reason, BBQ competitions, where each person does a dish in their own style, are wildly popular.

To get started with BBQ grilling, one needs to think about all of these choices and begin to assemble their supplies. First, a good grill should be procured. Depending on what one want’s to cook, how they want to cook it, and the flavors that they want, this could be any number of grills. Many people choose wood burning, smoking, or high temperature grills for their first ones. A little bit of research online should give an idea of the grill best for one’s needs.

Second, one will need to choose the meat. No matter what animal this meat is coming from, it need to be fresh, it need to be good quality, and it needs to not be dripping in fat. This means paying a little more for higher end cuts because they will truly come out much better. Steaks, ribs, and anything to put on a kebab are very popular choices.

Next, one will need to choose what they are going to use as a marinade. There are two large categories that then break down into smaller one – these are wet and dry marinades. A wet marinade is something that is put in a bag or a tub, it is liquid, it can coat the meat by shaking, moving it around, or submerging. A dry marinade, sometimes referred to as a rub, is one that must be rubbed into the meat and is made of several different spices.

One the meat has been marinated, it should be left for at least 6 hours. This is usually done in the fridge so that the meat does not get overly warm and begin to spoil. Many people like letting it set overnight to really get a full flavor.

Once it is time to cook, take the meat out and then go start the grill. The meat should never touch the grill until it is at full heat, this will get the best sear. However, taking the meat out when you are going to start the grill will give it time fro the temperature to come up a little and allow for more even cooking. One never wants to cook fully cold meat.

Start the grill and stoke the fire until it it not overly smoky, the coals are a hot red, but not still flaming too high. At this point the coals should be spread, giving the entire grill a nice and even temperature.

Put the meat onto the grill, watching it carefully and turning it before it burns. If one is using a grill with a lid, don’t open the lid too often. Opening the lid will make the flames hotter and cause the meat to cook unevenly.

Finally, when BBQ grilling, Best method is to use a meat thermometer rather then cutting into the meat. Meats in general need 5 min to rest to remain moist.Slicing into the meat will make it dry, taking away some of the satisfying juiciness from each and every bite.

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