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McKinney Outdoor Kitchen Grill

With over 10 years in the bbq grill and outdoor living construction business, we have helped many McKinney clients make the best choices on bbq grill equipment and construction builds. 

Now and days many pool, landscape, outdoor living builders all have access to Bull and Blaze grills to offer. 

Not saying they are bad products but you deserve to know the level of difference in quality and the right equipment for you from a grill expert!

  • **Please don’t settle on a contractors choice. They don’t know the bbq grill business like we do and will have to deal directly with the factory service**
  • All Warranties will go through TOPC. We have great relationships with each factory and can diagnose issues quickly to resolve any issues.
  • Buying on Amazon is not always the best route when it comes to buying bbq grills. Factories get frustrated when all they do is pass on the client then handling themselves.
  • You will save a little money but that doesn’t out weigh the solid advise on the do’s and do not’s of the products and care for your investment. 
  • There are big differences between EVERY barbecue grill and our expert knowledge will assist you to make the best investment choice


If you are looking for an outdoor treat in the summer or an outdoor bonfire in the evening breeze, then the Texas Outdoor Patio Centre is the company to call. The Texas company is always available and they also have a neat package, quality work, free consultation, discounts and insurance services. At the Texas Outdoor Patio Centre they offer packages for both large outdoor events and small backyard outdoor cookouts.

At Texas Outdoor Patio center in McKinney, we offer a wide range of outdoor kitchen services grills such as BBQ grill, outdoor kitchen grill, charcoal grill and gas grill.

The grills are easy to use and come at quality discount to new customers and old loyal customers, with a record of almost 90% energy efficiency, our grill can be used in any outdoor kitchen cook outs.

With the charcoal grill from Texas Outdoor Patio Centre you will experience the outdoors kitchen cook out first hand. The grill is built to last and it is custom made to maintain constant temperatures for long periods of time. The charcoal grill is made of aluminium which prevents it from rusting hence giving it a touch of durability. The Texas Outdoor Patio Centre has the instructions accompanied with the grill and offer free shipping services in most cases. The charcoal grill has a disadvantage where the price of the charcoal and the time it takes to completely grill the meat acts as a major setback. Constantly buying charcoal eventually becomes relatively expensive than gas.

Texas Outdoor Patio Centre has a variety of kitchen grills. The electric kitchen grills, gas grill and portable grills. All this is custom made for different occasions and purposes. The gas grill is one of the most common grills used in home backyards. The gas grills use propane or methane as fuel, but if natural gas is accessible, then it can be used for its cheaper then constantly refilling your propane or methane tanks. The gas grill is suitable for people who like to speed things up and the people who want to avoid the stress that comes with charcoal clean up. The gas grill has a few setbacks including the price. The gas grill is always more expensive than the charcoal grill and it does not give that full flavor of grilled meat since there is no smoke when the gas grills are used.

After deciding the grill that best suits your needs then you need to get the BBQ started and the best grill to use is the BBQ grill. Whether you opt for the charcoal grill that gives more flavor or you the gas grill which is mostly portable. The BBQ grill is the best for any outdoor cookout.

All in all the Texas Outdoor Patio Centre has a number of grills that are guaranteed to give you the best outdoor kitchen you can get. With constant upgrades to their products, they are easy to use and come with instructions. Try out the Texas Outdoor Patio Centre grill and see for yourself why 9 out of 10 of their customers prefer Texas Outdoor Patio Centre grills.

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