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As a local bbq grill store in Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we strive to help our clients and potential clients make the best choice when buying bbq grills.

This is a new page and many topics will follow soon. Please check back with us again.

BEFORE you go, Make sure one thing….Dont always accept your contractor or pool companies offer of common bbq grills everyone has access too.  There is a wide range of gas grills on the market and bells and whisles to sort out.

Let our professional staff guide you to the good prodcust and the ones to stay away from. Not every grill is the same and even so the cooking experiance can be great or turn into a buyers remorse situation.

Dont let these local common companies point you to the best grill that makes them the best commission. We are a  “No pressure” company that strives to give you the best advice. 99.9% clients ask to move forward on the purchase after giving solid advice of products that they can

fell absolutly confident and peace of mind with a 110% Customer service mentality. Check out our reviews and see why we make a HUGE difference when it comes to assisting your outdoor kitchen needs!!

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