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With over 10 years in the bbq grill and outdoor living construction business, we have helped many Frisco clients make the best choices on bbq grill equipment and construction builds. 

Now and days many pool, landscape, outdoor living builders all have access to Bull and Blaze grills to offer. 

Not saying they are bad products but you deserve to know the level of difference in quality and the right equipment for you from a grill expert!

  • **Please don’t settle on a contractors choice. They don’t know the bbq grill business like we do and will have to deal directly with the factory service**
  • All Warranties will go through TOPC. We have great relationships with each factory and can diagnose issues quickly to resolve any issues.
  • Buying on Amazon is not always the best route when it comes to buying bbq grills. Factories get frustrated when all they do is pass on the client then handling themselves.
  • You will save a little money but that doesn’t out weigh the solid advise on the do’s and do not’s of the products and care for your investment. 
  • There are big differences between EVERY barbecue grill and our expert knowledge will assist you to make the best investment choice


It is an old American tradition to gather the family around sizzling BBQ Grills. Since this tradition can be tempting, especially with the prospects of enjoying the company of others and great food, it is no wonder that many look for and bring home Outdoor Kitchen Grills. However, to get most of the advantages of outdoor kitchens and built-in grills, you need to make sure you choose the right gas grill.

With so many types and styles available at Texas Outdoor Patio Center retailers, choosing one can be hassled at times. So, here are seven tips to help you pick the best gas grill for your needs.

  1. Keep in mind that outdoor kitchens and built in grills are luxuries for people who won’t move away frequently or anytime soon. So, if you do not intend to stay where you are for twenty years or so, consider looking for portable BBQ grills instead.
  2. Decide which type of outdoor Charcoal Grill you want to be installed in your backyard. There are over ten different BBQ grill types, including electric grills and ceramic grills. However, since you can only have one of these, do a little research to understand what each type has to offer.
  3. One of the most important aspects to consider while buying outdoor grills is where you will place them in your back yard. Not only will the location decide the style of kitchen you can have, but the area you can spare will determine which size of BBQ grills.
  4. Consider how regularly you will be using the gas grill before you invest in it. This is important because it is useless to pay for expensive outdoor kitchens if you don’t get your money’s worth
  5. Some outdoor grills can also be looked like an outdoor decoration. Check some sites or local dealers to get an idea of how built in grills can enhance the appearance of your lawn. However, make sure to select the best weather-resistant materials and contractors to build them.
  6. Some companies aim at providing you with the best value for your money through outdoor kitchen accessories. They will either offer you free outdoor kitchen accessories or discounts on exciting equipment and trimmings.
  7. Make sure that the BBQ grills and kitchen accessories that accompany it promote safety. This is important if you have children in the house or permanent flammable equipment around your lawn.

Always read reviews for various gas grill brands, before making your final decision.

Versatility is also an important factor. Are you someone who likes to do a lot of camping during the summer? Do you like to pack up the RV or boat and head for the lake? What about tailgating in the fall during football season? If this fits you, then you want a grill that easily transportable. Gas Grill on the market offers the unique feature of hooking directly into a 2-inch class III hitch receiver and raising onto the back of your vehicle with the touch of a button. One gas grill on the market offers the unique feature of hooking directly into a 2-inch class III hitch receiver and raising onto the back of your vehicle with the touch of a button.

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