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With over 10 years in the bbq grill and outdoor living construction business, we have helped hundreds of Dallas clients make the best choices on bbq grill equipment and construction builds. 

Now and days many pool, landscape, outdoor living builders have access to Bull and Blaze grills to offer. 

Not saying they are bad products but you deserve to know the level of difference in quality and the right equipment for you!

  • **Please don’t settle on a contractors choice. They don’t know the bbq grill business like we do and will have to deal directly with the factory service**
  • All Warranties will go through TOPC. We have great relationships with each factory and can diagnose issues quickly to resolve any issues.
  • Buying on Amazon is not always the best route when it comes to buying bbq grills. Factories get frustrated when all they do is pass on the client then handling themselves.
  • You will save a little money but that doesn’t out weigh the solid advise on the do’s and do not’s of the products and care for your investment. 
  • There are big differences between EVERY barbecue grill and our expert knowledge will assist you to make the best investment choice.


Determining the suitable Texas Outdoor Patio Center to purchase from various suppliers is not difficult. The best method is to find one with good qualities and added functionality that you needed. If you are going to use it around the house or backyard, I suggest you get a BBQ Grill. It is probably more costly than the compact grill, but it has much better features and easier to use and doesn’t have dangerous flammable gas allowing you to concentrate more on your cooking. Taking about extra functionality, some brand has a built-in loudspeaker for iPod and mp3 players to accompany you while grilling. Another manufacturer of BBQ Grill has five interchangeable cooking surfaces allowing you not only to grill, but the cook, fry, and boil your favorite dish quickly.

There are three types of outdoor kitchen grill available in the market nowadays, electric, gas or propane and Charcoal Grill. An electric grill is used mostly in the backyard, and you must have electricity to run it. They are typically made with a stand and usually with a moving stand so you can quickly move them around.

As opposed to the customary charcoal grill which is dirty and tricky to set-up, in electric grills, just plug it into any electrical outlet, wait for a couple of minutes, and you are ready to go. They also have a well-balanced heat circulation thanks to the bendable filament, and the heat range can be quickly regulated from low to high with the twist of a switch which is not available if you use charcoal. Best for grill dishes that involves steady and equally spread heat.

The real outdoor grill is the portable gas grill. It has a very modern body layout, lightweight and usually available without a built-in stand or legs, so you need to improvise a stand to have a decent working height. You also need to buy a separate gas cylinder as a fuel to run it. Some manufacturers offer it with a cool carrying case to secure it from harmful elements when not in use or while transporting. They are often employed in outdoor activities like summer backpacking, mountain hiking and picnics around the park. If you’re an outdoor individual and you like camping and enjoying life in the wilderness gas grill is obviously the one you need.

Other features to look for in an outdoor grill are nonstick coating cooking surface for hassle-free cleaning and effortless food release. Collapsible legs or stand with carrying case for easy transport, especially if you are going to use it for camping. A well-sloped channel for draining built up fat or any fluid melted from foods. Another quality Charcoal Grill manufacturer which creates camping equipment and small kitchen appliances. They have an excellent transportable stove which you can also use for grilling.

If you want to have a customizable outdoor kitchen grill with stainless steel body complete with cabinet base, you can buy them from Texas Outdoor Patio Center premises. You have the option of selecting from their outdoor kitchen design grill or build your own and get them fabricated the way you like it. Merge it with your existing outdoor kitchen with matching colors and materials from a Gas Grill into an outdoor kitchen. All the other services concerning the grills can be bought at Texas Outdoor Patio Center.

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