Best Gas Grills

Most people buy gas grills because of the convenience. Turn a knob and cook anytime, anyplace, within minutes. But, as with all other grills, gas grills come in different sizes and with different features, and vary in performance from one another. These differences determine the quality of the grill and affect its price range, but more importantly they affect the quality of the meat prepared.

The main qualities of a gas grill are mirrored in the time it takes for its surface to heat up. Furthermore, we will look at the functionality and check each grill for these main questions you should consider when you want to buy a gas grill:
• Is the surface too hot or too cold at different places at the same time?
• How large is the baking surface?
• The positioning of the burners?
• Is it susceptible to rust?
• Does the grill have additional cooking accessories?


Lion Premium Gas Grill 40″ L-90000
The L-90000 Lion Premium Gas Grill is a beautifully looking grill that works on 3 different fuel types: natural gas, propane (small bottle), and propane tank in-ground.

Main features:
• 304-16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel construction
• 1030 square inch cooking surface
• 2 interior lights
• 6 Lion Quick Light valves
• XL commercial temperature gauge

The features immediately noticed on the outside include a convenient towel rack on the left side, the light hook up and the ventilation shaft on the back, 6 different knobs, the thermometer, and the storage compartments on the front, and the side-table on the right side with a few hooks and a bottle opener.
Once you open the shaft you’ll see just how much space this model has for grilling. You’ll notice the fork rotisserie which requires you to remove the smoking rack and it has an infrared burner immediately behind it.
Both the rotisserie and the smoking rack can be removed to maximize the space for basic grilling. The maximum cooking surface is 1030 square inches.
Below the main surface you will see the sear burner on the far left and the five ceramic grates on the right. The grates are positioned from front to back.
Under the burners is the grease tray lined with foil and a convenient little match holder attached to the grill with a chain.
All the components, including the burners and the surface are removable and replaceable. Lion offers a lifetime warranty on cast burners.

Extremely good, durable, and a nice looking build
Many convenient and removable components
5 cast stainless steel burners with 90,000 BTUs
An enormous 1030 square inch cooking surface

The burners are positioned front to back, while it would be better that they are positioned side-to-side for the smoking process

Coyote 28 inch C-Series Grill – C1C28
This Coyote C1C28 models has a compact design which hides a good functionality under the shaft.

Main Features:
• Two 304 stainless steel infinity burners
• Up to 40,000 BTUs
• Many convenient cooking utility additions

This grill is available in free standing as well as in built-in configuration. The free standing model comes with a two stainless steel folding side-shelves, a large storage space beneath the grill with two self-closing doors, two main knobs and the thermometer on the front.
Once you open the shaft you’ll see the standard stainless steel cooking grates, but Coyote offers optional laser cut cooking grates for cooking versatility. Beneath the grates are the stainless steel flame tamers, positioned front to back. If you prefer ceramic briquettes, Coyote does offer an optional switch.
Beneath the flame tamers are two cast 304 stainless steel infinity burners. The shape of the burners does offer a nice heat spread so that the baking surface is evenly heated. The infinity burners operate on a push-and-turn ignition and are rated for up to 40,000 BTUs of cooking power.
The C1C28 has two internal halogen lights, a removable warming rack, and a slide out dripping pan. If you like cooking with charcoal, Coyote offers a charcoal basket as an accessory, as well as a stainless steel drop-in griddle.

Compact size
Very affordable
Two 304 infinity burners that spread the heat evenly
Many optional accessories

The compact size limits the entire baking surface to 640 square inches

Blaze Pro: 34’’ Gas Grill
This Blaze Pro 34’’ models looks impressive on the outside as well as on the inside. The entire grill looks professional with many convenient additional features to help you prepare meat with full grilling flavor.

Main features:
• A sleek, professional look
• 3 powerful stainless steel burners each with 18,000 BTUs
• Many removable features
• Ample cooking spade for its compact design

Once you open the lid you’ll see the cooking grids that are 30 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The entire surface can grill up to 25 4 inch hamburgers at a time. The grids are 12mm thick and are hexagonal shape maximizing the heat retention and providing flawless sear marks. The shape of the rods provides more rod surface contact with the food, increasing the caramelization and flavor on the food.
The flame stabilizing grids are directly under the cooking grids and they distribute the heat evenly.
The three main burners are divided with a heat zone, allowing you to better control different temperature sections for cooking. The burners are cast stainless steel made and give off 18,000 BTUs each, delivering a total of 54,000 total BTUs of cooking power.
Below the burners are the dripping panels which radiate heat back up towards the food and are easily removable.
The control panel features 4 polished control knobs, along with the light button and the red LED lights which give the grill a professional look.
The additional convenient helping features include the rotisserie kit, a rear infrared burner, hanging hooks on the back of the grill, the thermometer, a removable warming rack, and a slide out drip pan.
The cart models have two fold-down side shelves, and large storage compartments.

A total of 54,000 BTUs
Highly convenient hexagonal cooking grates
A good temperature control
A sleek, professional look

The professional look does give this model a moderately high price, but the cooking power alone justifies it

Gas grills bring convenience to the table because of their switch-and-go ignition while good models still leave enough options for traditional flavoring. If you are purchasing a gas grill, look for grills that have good cooking grates, offer you the possibility of switching different types of flame tamers, and have a charcoal rack.


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