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With over 10 years in the bbq grill and outdoor living construction business, we have helped many Allen clients make the best choices on bbq grill equipment and construction builds. 

Now and days many pool, landscape, outdoor living builders all have access to Bull and Blaze grills to offer. 

Not saying they are bad products but you deserve to know the level of difference in quality and the right equipment for you from a grill expert!

  • **Please don’t settle on a contractors choice. They don’t know the bbq grill business like we do and will have to deal directly with the factory service**
  • All Warranties will go through TOPC. We have great relationships with each factory and can diagnose issues quickly to resolve any issues.
  • Buying on Amazon is not always the best route when it comes to buying bbq grills. Factories get frustrated when all they do is pass on the client then handling themselves.
  • You will save a little money but that doesn’t out weigh the solid advise on the do’s and do not’s of the products and care for your investment. 
  • There are big differences between EVERY barbecue grill and our expert knowledge will assist you to make the best investment choice


Texas Outdoor Patio Center provides you with a chance to enjoy cooking outdoors. What most individuals do not know is that a BBQ Grill should form the main part of their outdoor kitchen in spring. Since it is a better place to invest in a bigger part of your budget, we will help you decide which Texas Outdoor Patio Center you should buy, depending on your need. Consider the following.

Gas Grills

Gas Grills are the most popular type of outdoor grills. They run on natural gas from utility providers and bottled propane. The manufacturer designs the gas grills for propane, but you can easily convert them to natural gas. Some individuals believe that propane is better than natural gas, but the two have minimal differences. If you can easily access natural gas, use it because it is more convenient and cheaper than refilling a propane tank.

The gas grill is also suitable for chefs who like to instantly fire up their grills and prepare, cook meals without worrying about the preparation of cleanup of charcoal. Gas grills have small smoker boxes. However, you should expect a little smoke flavor as compared to what you expect with Charcoal grills. To smoke meat, you will require a charcoal grill. And when it comes to price, gas grills are expensive than the comparable charcoal models.

Gas Grills are made of cast aluminum, cast iron, sheet metal or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best material mainly because it holds up perfectly to various elements with time. Some people opt to settle for the cheap grills with the aim of upgrading later, but to save more in the long run, purchase the best.



Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills run on charcoal briquettes and use firepower to cook. Apart from your food taking longer to cook, charcoal is more expensive than gas. Nevertheless, some individuals prefer the taste associated with charcoal cooked food, especially when the charcoal briquettes are from natural wood.

Charcoal grills are ideal for the purists. Those longing for a smoky grilled flavor or anyone who enjoys smoking his/her meats. A charcoal grill will enable you to achieve the two goals. Charcoal burns at higher temperatures than gas and therefore skilled grill masters can easily sear meat. What’s more, when cooking with charcoal, you will realize a distinct romance that will clearly lack in the modern gas grills.

But just like any other appliance, charcoal grills have their downsides. With a gas grill, you will just fire it up and then throw your food on it to start cooking. But a charcoal grill is different. It will take around 45 minutes to get your grill ready. You must stir the coals; preheat the grill in addition to cleaning up the grill and disposing of the ashes after you are done. Charcoal is also more expensive than gas or propane.

Charcoal BBQ grills, particularly charcoal grills are sturdy – the manufacturer uses high-grade steel to make them. They also boast a tightly fitting lid and vents at the top and bottom for temperature adjustments. The hinged cooking grate allows easy adding of charcoal to the fire. With a charcoal grill, you will get the best flavor.

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